Good Friday is the day we remember the price Jesus paid by going to the cross for us.  Just before His betrayel he shared what would be called "the last supper".  This day of rememberence is an excellent opportunity to observe communion.  Jesus stated the bread represented His broken body and the wine represented His shed blood for our sins.  Join one or more of these times of communion with your friends and family.  If you have crackers or flat bread you can use that, and grape juice is traditional for the cup.  Here is the schedule of online experiences,

12:00PM - Pastor Nathan Peternel | Lead Pastor

3:00PM - Pastor Mike Santistevan | Noblesville Campus

6:00PM - Pastor Mike Maleto | Eagle Creek Campus

7:00PM | Pastor Chip Burdick | Fishers Campus

Choose a time and view it right here or on your campus's Facebook page.