Noblesville Life Groups

  • Ready to Join a Life Group?

    If you are interested in joining any of the groups below, please reach out to Tori Dawson at  We are happy to help you get connected to a group and connect you with the appropriate life group leader.

  • Adult Bible Study

    When: Wednesdays starting June 23

    Time: 10 - 11:30 AM
    Where: Life Church Fishers campus

    Facilitator: Pastor Ray Hansen

    Expository preaching of Revelations.

  • Mission to America: TACTICAL CIVICS™ 

    When: Wednesday 6:30

    Where: Life Church Noblesville campus-Prayer Room

    Contact Omar

    This Life group specifically focuses on how GOD and our Christian faith has always been a key cornerstone in our Constitutional Republic. The first volume of this series gives readers a whirlwind tour of this exciting new way of life for responsible Americans. Self-government is a serious matter. True civics entails many vital aspects of life and liberty that have not been taught in schools or colleges for well over a century, so TACTICAL CIVICS™ county chapters are forming from coast to coast, to teach and pass on these powerful principles. Of all the people on earth, only we Americans empower ourselves in a written law (the U.S. Constitution, the highest law in our republic) to superintend and limit our servants in government. This eight-week crash course teaches you how it's done. You will also be provided with an opportunity to join the Hamilton County, Indiana chapter of Tactical Civics  (or the county within which YOU live) to take action to enforce our Constitution where you live, work, and play. 


    To Sign Up:  Text Omar Habayeb at 317-370-2814 or Email at with your Name, Email address and cell phone number.  More info about Tactical Civics 

    You can also go here for an introductory video: 


  • Woman's Bible Study

    When: Thursdays 6:30pm

    Where: Panara in Noblesville

    Contact: Tori-

    This is a bible based women's studying using She Reads Truth monthly studies.  Contact Tori for more information.

  • Mens Conquering series

    When: Sundays @ 2pm Starting June 6th

    Where: Noblesville Campus


    6-8 weeks study that deals with porn addiction and how to overcome it.

  • Men's Motorcycle

    When: 3rd Saturday every month starting in June

    Time: 9am


    Please note June 19th this group will start at 12 instead of 9am.

  • Young Adult Bible Study

    When: Thursdays at 7:30-9:30p Starting June 3-July 29

    Where: Forest Park


    This is a bible based study on Philippians.

  • Chosen Study

    When: Mondays at 6:30

    Where: Noblesville Campus


    Bible study that coincides with The Chosen video series (season 1).  This study is open to all.  There is a work book to purchase for this study.  Books can be purchased at the church for $14.

  • Worldview Life Group

    When: 9 June - 9 June - Every Wednesday thru July 6:45-8:30pm

    Where: Merle & Maria Jacobs home – 16935 Tree Top Ct, Noblesville

    Contact: Merle- or text/call 703-981-5675

    This Life Group will help you examine the views & beliefs you have on how you see the world you live in.

  • Sermon Based Life Group

    When: 9 June - Every Tuesday 6:45-8:30pm thru July

    Where: Merle & Maria Jacobs home – 16935 Tree Top Ct, Noblesville

    Contact: Merle- or text/call 703-981-5675

    This Life Group is a sermon-based bible study that will help you develop an effective Inductive method for you to study the bible for yourself.

  • Wellness Warriors

    When: Wednesdays 6:30pm

    Where: Noblesville Campus-Preschool room


    Welcome to the Life Church - Noblesville Wellness Warriors Life Group page.

    We will be following the Take Back Your Temple (TBYT) curriculum developed by Kimberly Taylor, RN


    TBYT Member Guide $10.99 on Amazon – Required

    TBYT Healthy Habits Journal $12.99 on Amazon – Optional

    Optional Weigh-in/Measurements at 6:00pm

    Wear comfortable clothes as we will typically do some stretching and possibly walking if the weather is nice

    Feel free to bring light weights and a yoga mat

  • Student Life Groups

    When: Wednesdays

    Time: 6:30pm

    Where: Life Church Noblesville

    Contact: Pastor

    All youth in grades 6-12 are invited to Student Life. Find a group of friends who you can laugh, learn, and be yourself with. A Student Life Group is a chance for students to make connections with God and other students.

  • Air Soft Group

    When: Every Other Sunday

    Time: 1 - 5 pm

    Facilitator: Luke Crawford

    Where: Multiple locations

    For those interested in the game of Air Soft.

    Details at :

  • God, Guns and Gals

    When: Monthly - TBD Based on Range

    Facilitator: Laura Johnson

    Women's group for gun safety, shooting, trying different firearms, and a time of fellowship.

  • Intercessory Prayer Group

    Where: Mahoney Residence

    Contact Jeff or Patty Mahoney

    Intercessory prayer group for praying for the church, leadership, personal prayer requests and whatever God puts before us.

  • Campus Prayer Group

    When: Saturday

    Time: 8 - 9 am

    Where: Noblesville Campus

    Facilitators: Pastor Micah Beckwith / Jeff Mahoney

    Time of prayer for the entire campus - similar to 21 days of prayer series, with worship and a short devotion - followed by specific prayer topics.

  • Prayer Team

    When: Every Sunday

    Time: During Service

    Where: Life Church Noblesville

    Facilitators: Jeff and Patti Mahoney

    This prayer team's focus is for Sunday morning prayer during alter call - for anyone that may come forward for prayer needs or if they are called to salvation.

  • Growth Track

    When: Anytime online

    The Growth Track is made up of three steps that equip you to:

    1) connect to the church,
    2) discover the strengths of your intentional design, and
    3) use your God-given gifts to make a difference in the lives of others.

    Growth Track is the pathway to membership at life church.  Session 1&2 are now online and session 3 is completed in person. 

  • Wild at Heart

    Wild at Heart is a men's group based on the book by John Eldredge. If you are interested in an upcoming session, send an email to IWANTIN@WAHU.BIZ

    Learn more: